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With my unusual name of Toogood I have always been fascinated with its origins and have over the years attempted to track down as many relations as possible and have so far tracked down over 220 but that is only as far back as My Great Great Grandparents as told by my grandmother who is in her 90's. I enlisted the services of a search specialist some years ago who offered the service of finding out if the name had any significance and to my surprise the name carried a crest which consisted of an armoured hand holding a caltrap over the other caltraps (a caltrap is a type of spike ball used in battle that was thrown in front of opponents horses to bring them down by sticking in their hooves.

The origin of the name is a little vague as the spelling has varied over the centuries as the English language has developed but I have discovered traces of the name as far back as 700AD in Scotland and even Norway where the name Togod (meaning Too Proud apparently) was known.

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LDS Family Search database - Excellent database but take great care to check on evidence of details. I have found many conflicts such as different names for the same person, different children, etc. The only sure way is to research resources such as the census & parish records. I have been fortunate enough to have a peculiar surname & have so far traced back one branch to my son's 11th Great Grandfather born in 1585. To view my current database I produced a web report from my PAF 5 database. If anyone can confirm or add to my records I would be extremely grateful.