Web Development & CAD Consultancy

Some of the webs I've designed so far are this one of course and others below :-
Toogood - My personal site.
Trackbed.com - My historical railway specific site. This has become a world renowned repository of a unique collection of historical railway engineering photography.
Beauty-Rains.co.uk - Local beauty salon.
Firewoodman.co.uk - As part of my self sustainable interests, all the heating in my house is generated from sustainable resources such as fallen trees. I designed & hosted a website for my local supplier for many years although they have since taken up the maintenance & hosting themselves.
Sustainablewales.org - When this organisation was first starting up, I developed & hosted their original website for free until they could get established.
Holy Bible Site - Complete King James Version along with Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary, Pilgrim's Progress, Parables and Miracles with numerous cross referenced links. It is not complete but I am adding to it when I can.
Vale Of Glamorgan Railway - My local heritage railway of whom I am a life member. I regularly offer my services as an Engineering & IT specialist whenever required.
Geraint.biz - My son's pages.

I also have an extensive portfolio of CAD drawings of all scales & disciplines that I can present personally should you wish to consider my technical ability. I am unable to supply digital copies of these drawings for obvious reasons.


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