Announcing the arrival of Geraint James Toogood

Philip & Kim Toogood are proud to announce the arrival of the latest Toogood into the world. At approximately 16:40 GMT on 21st March 2002, Geraint James Toogood came into the world. For those interested in statistics he weighed 8lb 8oz, measures 56cm (22 inches for my US friends), 34cm (13.4 inches) head circumference. The labour was very long & utterly exhausting for Kim after almost 2 days of contractions. It seems that no matter how well prepared we were with the birthing pool, 3 midwifes on hand & every device or aid on hand at home you simply can't be prepared for however the experience turns out.

The plans were also that I would be present for the duration & cut the cord but as Geraint was eventually delivered by emergency Caesarean section I was unable to be present. I was however able to hold him literally minutes later whilst Kim was still unconscious under the general anaesthetic & was able to take the following photos. The small photo thumbnails have high resolution images behind them for greater clarity.

After over a day in labour Kim making the most of the "Happy Gas" Entonox. Geraint James Toogood at a few minutes old. Geraint James Toogood looking as tired as I feel after having no sleep for 2 nights. Geraint & Kim are now settled in the post-natal ward to recover from the ordeal for a few days. The good signs are that he is very quiet even when the other babies on the ward start crying. Let's hope that he stays that way.
2 Days old & Geraint is starting to settle down to the outside world. It will be a few more days yet before he & Kim will be able to come home though. Exhausted but proud Mum & Geraint smiling for the camera. Not quite as exhausted but proud Dad & Geraint smiling for the camera. 3 days old & really getting the hang of sleeping for a few hours.
4 days old & he's already at home with posing for the camera. He hasn't met all the family yet though so he's in for a few more surprises yet. Having a rest with mum again. You looking at me !!! Home in the Welsh Hills at last with the national flowers all around.
Geraint with Nana Toogood on day 6 at home in the hills. Just over a week old & having a cuddle with Dad before a nappy (diaper) explosion starts Geraint screaming again. Like Father Like Son
3 Weeks old in the garden with Nana Toogood & Cousins Aleka, Jamie-Lynne & Briony Cousins Briony, Aleka & Jamie-Lynne take charge of the youngest member of the Toogood clan    

Kim will be in hospital for a few days to recover from the operation so Geraint will be staying there with her for the duration. Anyone that has had a Caesarean will know that it is a major operation with considerable risks & will mean that Kim will not be fit & able to do much for a number of weeks so if anyone is planning to visit please call first so I can ask Kim if she is well enough to receive any well wishers. For now though I'm sure she will take advantage of being looked after by the excellent maternity staff of the Royal Glamorgan Hospital & catch up on some well deserved sleep. For myself I suppose I've got a few quiet days on my own at home before my life changes for good, that is if it hasn't already.

I will endeavour to post more photos when things have settled down so for now please join me in helping Kim make a good recovery & hope that she & our son will be home in the Welsh Hills soon. Finally, I have already introduced my son into the world of the internet by creating his own email address ( & with this page perhaps he is the youngest person on the web (for a while at least anyway).

Some pointless facts on on 21st of March are that it is officially the first day of spring (also known as the Spring Equinox) & is also the changeover from Pieces to Aries if you believe in that sort of thing. For the part of Wales where we live it is also the day that the national flower of Wales, the Daffodil finally came out.

The First 3 months

1 month old No smiles yet Sitting with Dad at the PC 6 weeks & sitting on the couch with crackle horse
Having a doze in the hammock in the garden Posing on the couch again 2 months old with his favourite blanket 2 months old with his "wee willy winkie" outfit on
2 months & already knows how to pout 10 weeks watching Mum 11 weeks trying to eat the tasty Octopus 11 weeks
11 weeks & snug as a bug in a rug 11 weeks & having a good laugh 11 weeks & giggling for Mum 12 weeks. Not so sure about this Mum
12 weeks. Where's that octopus gone ? 12 weeks. Ah-Ha, there it is    


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